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By offering a complete concept, from primary education to vocational training and microfinance, ICU wants to create for Ugandan people opportunities of becoming permanently provisional in their own life’s support.

Also ICU wants to support organizations with likewise intentions by offering consultancy. ICU holds hereby the position of intermediary with knowledge of both Ugandan and Western culture. This enables bridges to be built between a donor and its desired target group.

The same counts for bringing the Western and Ugandan world closer together. ICU wants to connect these in a careful and responsible way. By facilitating short and long term encounters an exchange of knowledge and experience is allowed to take place. And as their worldviews are adjusted in size, people are granted the ability of refining themselves.


Utilizing Uganda’s potentials en possibilities for development, through a combination of financial support and offering challenges. Enrichment of knowledge and increase of consciousness are matters which can never ever be sold or taken away. At the same time these are much desired matters which make people independent and self-sufficient.

Many organizations work in Uganda on similar projects with similar goals. ICU wants to be supportive to them. In this way it is possible to work together constructively and offer the people of Uganda better and more opportunities for their country’s development.

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