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Uganda, an amazing country with endless possibilities. Uganda has a bad reputation and imago, but this is ready to change! By now it has been over 25 years ago that an armed assumption of power took place. More so, the last armed conflict came to an end in 2006 when Joseph Kony and his rebel army, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), moved to neighboring countries. It surely is about time to look forward and work together with the people of Uganda on the development of this fascinating country.

With its lush, green landscapes and hospitable people, Uganda truly is the pearl of Africa. Even the chaotic atmosphere of Kampala has its intrinsic beauty: the swarming people and vehicles and the red dust that is constantly blown up from the roads give this city a unique character compared to the rest of the country. Uganda can be rightfully called a one-city country.

Anyone who is new in Uganda will be amazed after a half hour drive. Leaving the city behind for the first time, a landscape that becomes greener and greener will be wrapping itself around you! For the bigger part, Uganda is absolutely not what many expect from an African country: scorched and dry. It is green, greener, and probably even greener than that!

Characteristically, everywhere along the road people offer their commodities. Uganda is one of the countries with the highest percentage of self-employed professionals in the world. People making furniture, burning CD/DVDs, doing video editing, selling food, you name it! Entrepreneurship is omnipresent and is also stimulated by the government.

Uganda is an easy country for traveling. Most people speak English, people are benevolent and attentive and hospitality runs through their veins. In Uganda you can visit someone unexpectedly, 24 hours a day, and no matter what time it is, one can always count on a cup of tea and something to eat, even if it were no more than a dry biscuit.

For everyone who “had always wanted to visit Africa”, Uganda is by far the best country to suit action to these words. But beware… Uganda grabs you and does not let go!

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