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International Contact Uganda (ICU) works entirely self-sufficiently on the development of individuals and organizations in or related to Uganda. This takes place on one hand through establishing, maintaining and improving a community building project, and on the other hand by giving advice and guidance and helping out in project-implementation to organizations active in Uganda. By generating income next to these projects through different sidelines, of which one is a guesthouse run in Kampala, ICU is able to operate independently.

With the input that ICU brings to Ugandan society, it also aims to stimulate independency and self-sufficiency within the population. The focal points of attention thereby are transfering and exchanging knowledge and raising (self)consciousness. One way of doing so is by offering primary education and carefully bringing together the Ugandan and Western world.

On this website you can find elaborate information on all activities which ICU undertakes to realize its goals. The logos on top of your browser’s window function as navigation for finding specific information on each activity.


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