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The impact of globalization is visible across our entire planet. Both positive and negative effects are taking place in different areas in the world. Underdeveloped countries such as Uganda are bearing the consequences of Western patterns of consumption. Yet simultaneously, in these areas opportunities for development can certainly be created by joining hands and bring about cooperation. 

The actuality of today’s world demands us to work together on a global scale. To exchange knowledge, to share experiences, to create a consciousness of communality. Bringing together the Western and non-Western world is rendered priority.

ICU Volunteering makes up for a constructive contribution in this. The basis of this is an extensive network of projects in which the exchange of knowledge, expertise and ideas is taking place. ICU Volunteering offers a variety of projects throughout Uganda to individuals from all over the world. A distinct selection of projects in which both parties can develop themselves and mutually gain from each other. The avoidance of so called ‘cuddly projects’ underscores this philosophy.

Realistic idealism is a motto that defines very well what ICU Volunteering stands for. Volunteering is not always just fun, sometimes it can be very intense, confronting and even frustrating. Effective accompaniment and preparation are required, and ICU Volunteering takes on an active role in these matters.  

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