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Jjaja Bbanga Community Project

International Contact Uganda is an overall organisation servng as a basis for the activities of 5 sub-organisations. The eventual goal of the activities that can take place within these is to create opportunities of development and raising consciousness for both Ugandans and non-Ugandans.

From ICU Service Centre advce, guidance and projectmanagement is offered to organizations. ICU Volunteering forms a platform for volunteers and projects that want to lay a claim on this. To make available for these volunteers and other people interested a safe and affordable accommodation, ICU Guesthouses offers housing on different locations within Uganda. Also ICU wants people to have an opportunity of experiencing the real Uganda. Therefore, ICU Grassrootz organizes expeditions and tours characterized as community based tourism.

All these activities stand alone, but are at the same time closely connected. The revenue that ICU gets from these activities are for a big part invested in ICU’s community building project ‘Jjaja Bbanga’. In this way ICU operates as an independent and self-sufficient organization. Within this project the development of a community in southwest Uganda is realized and individuals and organizations are begin connected with each other and with Uganda.

ICU diagram | 2011

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