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Jjaja Bbanga Community Project

The absence of skills in reading, writing and mathematics has a major impact on people’s lives. Access to information and an entry the labor market are almost made impossible, wherefore people are considerably limited in their abilities to develop in life.

Because of this, within Jjaja Banga Community Project an emphasis is put on the development of reading, writing and mathematics skills. This happens through high quality education, where lessons are taught to small groups and attention for the individual is guaranteed.

To reach these goals two major obstacles need to be overcome. In the first place, many families don’t have the monetary means to send their children to a good school. We make it optional for those parents to earn money by doing activities for the project. A second obstacle is the fact that many parents do no value education at all and rather have their kids work to generate some income for the family. In these cases, we try to open up a dialogue with parents to make them see that in the end not only the children, but also they will benefit from their children’s development. Experience tells this works effectively.

Besides offering education to the children, we also work on the development of the parents. Not only do we try to make these parents aware of the positive effects of education on their children’s lives, but to also make them more independent themselves. We enable this by bringing them together and make them, through dialogue and practical activities, get new insights and ideas.

By focusing on high quality education and creating income generating activities, we want to make the people of Ngoma independent till the extend that they do not longer need us.

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