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Jjaja Bbanga Community Project

Africa is a wonderful continent with a lot of potential, yet at the same time it is also home to big differences. Big numbers of people have ended up in straitened circumstances because of many different reasons. In many cases the possibilities for development and the chances to liberate oneself are lacking.

This also apples to quite a high percentage of the people of Uganda. Therefore, to offer some more chances, ICU has started a community project in the southwest of Uganda, called Jjaja Bbanga. In Ngoma, a village located in Masaka district, a primary school was built to meet this demand. Here is being worked upon creating a solid foundation for children to grow and built upon, and gain independence.

Jjaja Bbanga Primary School

Sarah points to Jjaja Bbanga Primary School

Next to offering primary education, there are other roads leading to the stimulation of the independency and self-sufficiency of the local community. For example, by facilitating a women empowerment’s group.

All this is carried out as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Jjaja Banga is equipped with a solar collector and a biogas-installation.

By generating income through a variety of other projects, Jjaja Bbanga Community Project is supported and maintained. This renders Jjaja Bbanga independent and self-sufficient.

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